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CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is now one of the most common forms of domestic or commercial security protection.  Due to the advance in the field, CCTV is now much more affordable for regular people and small businesses.

Wireless CCTV technology has also advanced greatly in recent years.  The great advantage of wireless is the ease of installation, as no floor boards or ceilings need to be pulled up.

The advantages of CCTV are that it provides constant surveillance but more impotantly, it also provides a great visual deterrent for potential criminals targeting your home.
  • Complete wireless security camera and recorder/monitor
  • Camera records footage at 720p HD, amazing quality for wireless!
  • Digital Wireless transmission helps ensure a clear signal
  • Camera's PIR detector uses a subject's body heat to trigger recording
  • Combination screen/DVR works from battery for portability
  • Connect DVR to your router to view live over a mobile device